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Our Story...

There must have been an angel by their side that led them to follow their hearts and their ears to something they both love: SALSA! It was on a special night where the stars were alligned and the moon was full, a certain tranquility was in the air. Their eyes first locked at first glance at Studio B of Santropez Salsa school on Peel street. He saw her, twirling and what followed her was long silky beautiful hair…the kind you only see on a Pantene Pro V commercials. Poor fellas who were dancing with her, they all got a good hair whipping everytime she turned. Amir could not take his eyes off her. Although the rhythm of the latin music was respecting the laws of musical tempo, Amir`s perception of Valentina was in super slow motion, just like in the movies. Although the feeling was mutual, Amir did not know it yet, and Valentina was checking this hunk of a man, so brown, so strong so….LATIN?! At least that`s what she thought when it was finally their turn to team up together to dance. When they first touched there was an immediate spark between them. No literally, all the turning and Salsa shoes create a charge and they zapped each other!! Nevertheless, the attraction was mutual and by now they both knew that they experienced something so strong, so powerful, so inevitable..LOVE!

The rest is history

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