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Amir a.k.a The Prince of Egypt!

10 facts you must know about Amir

1. He really is The Prince of Egypt...that's what his first and last name mean in Arabic

2. Although of Egyptian origin he was born in Kuwait, where he lived the first 12 years of his life.

3. Amir worked at the Canadian Space Agency on the International Space Station project - When Valentina learned that fact, she knew she found her counter geek :)

4. Capturing moments and beautiful images is a passion of his. His favorite model is... take a guess ;)

5. Born into a family of musicians, Amir loves to entertain his friends and family with cheerful melodies he comes up with on his guitar.

6. If you look carefully at 112 minutes into the movie "The terminal" (with Tom Hanks and Catherine-Zeta Jones), you will notice a familiar face...a certain extra in the background

7. Amir listens to Jazz music 25/7. Seriously.

8. Amir went for Hajj in Saudi Arabia and was one of men deported for being too handsome for this country (true story)​

9. Biggest obsession: Apple Inc.

10. Amir lives life on the edge and has chosen a career that pays him to do so.

11. But most of all, he loves Valentina even more ;)

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