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V is for Valentina

10 facts you must know about Valentina


1. She is the descendant of 4 ethnicities : Moldovian, Belarus, Ukranian and Russian.

2. As a little girl, when she  still lived in her native country (Moldova), she has spent all of her summers at her grandparent’s farm, helping them take care of the animals and of the farm land.

3. Valentina LOVES Learning languages : she speaks Russian and Romanian, her 2 native languages, as well as English, French and Spanish. She has recently started learning Arabic… quiet a challenge this one… to be continued ;)

4. She is a huuuuge Space nerd! Loves watching StarTrek, has graduated from the International Space University and hopes to meet the real Yoda some day.

5. Valentina’s eyes have 3 colors : green, grey and brown.

6. She is an anatomy junkie and a powerful multitasker, these 2 skills have set her on the path of learning how to save lives. She hopes she’ll be able to save some, one way or another. That’s her biggest ambition of all.

7. Valentina a.k.a Cheese-monster

8. Her favorite anime character is Happy Feet. She shares his love for dance and hectic, cheerful movements are always part of her daily routine.

9. She loves nature, hikes, camping… a passion shared with her dear husband-to-be :)

10. 3 random extra facts! She loves tulip flowers, oldie songs and books about dystopian societies.

11. But most of all, she loves Amir :)

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